What your tattoos say about you

Escrito em 23/03/2022
The Seven

Beyond some basic clichés about tattoos such as the infamous “tramp stamp” expression and other more or less socially acceptable tattoo zones, what do your tattoos actually say about you? For one, it’s true that nowadays, tattoos are less frowned upon now than they used to be in the past. Tattoos are everywhere, in magazines, down runways, on the small and big screen, sported by celebrities and famous CEOs alike.

But with this growing acceptance from society, the question is, is it not becoming harder to make one’s tattoo an actual statement? Basically, is it still possible to escape the trendy label and express yourself with tattoos in a unique way? 

To really make a bold statement, let us start off by saying that although tattoos are more socially accepted these days, some parts of the body are still considered off limits if not taboo when it comes to tattoos. Of course this statement might change depending on your line of work or your social environment, but, for instance, the face tends to remain marginal, in every aspect of the word. Full body tattoos are also a definite head-turner. Of course full body tattoos are not visible from head to toe in social settings (beach and swimming pool aside) but, regardless, they still have an aura of rebellion attached to them, which again, isn’t necessarily the case with tattooing in general.

Now of course, tattoo location isn’t everything. The choice of the body art itself is usually what makes the most difference— borderline bodily locations aside, which we’ve already addressed, plus, surely you can think of a few more yourself! Tattoos and the body art dimension is also, obviously, like all art, a more subjective matter. However, it is a fact that some tattoos have been either seen too many times or associated with eras gone by, thus making them a bit embarrassing. Such is the case with teenage year body art which often becomes corny with the passing of time, not to mention tattoos dedicated to past lovers and so on...

In the end, it seems that the more personal the tattoo, the better. After all, even if they are meant to be visible, the tattoos which seem to leave the best impression on others and that tattooed people are the most happy with are usually the ones which they’ve gotten for themselves, not to follow a trend (the fact that everyone in school was getting one), not to prove something to anyone ("I love you for life Jason"), but just because it felt right and it made them feel more like themselves and still does.

This is actually one of the arguments which most often surfaces when it comes to advocating tattoos, the fact that they can be a way to embrace one’s body and to feel better in one’s skin, especially for people with body issues. A shortcut could thus be to say that tattoos are a confidence statement. But, one piece of advice for the road, just in case our article has you convinced that a tattoo is the right move for you, do think twice before getting one (definitely don't get one because you think we told you so), and ask for a marker pen version of your tattoo which will last you a few days before getting the real deal!

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